Welcome to Peregrin Life

We know that we are not the first to introduce you to a life of fashion, film and travel… but this is OUR life of fashion, film and travel. And it’s a fun one… inspirational, challenging, and tiring… that we want to open up to you. We are Russell Brownley and Brianna Marks Brownley, a husband/wife duo who share a love for adventure, new places, awesome people and each other.


Russell is a documentary filmmaker and director who travels the world constantly filming for such organizations as World Vision, Starbucks, the Travel Channel, and many others through his company The Wuss Productions. He is constantly meeting interesting people, researching cameras, and recovering from jetlag.


Brianna is a footwear and accessory designer who travels all over the world for her creative endeavors, most notably as the senior women’s footwear designer for Reef. She draws inspiration from the style.culture.people around her, especially through design trips and involvement in sustainable design and global sourcing.  She still tries to find time to document her own style obsessions.


Even through our difficult schedules, we try to find opportunities to travel together whenever possible, as we find that love and support is always the best inspiration to start anything. And that is how we start this blog… we hope you enjoy!